Pixel 2 XL Screen Burn-in Issues and Response

The Pixel 2 XL hasn't been out very long - just long enough to find an issue with the display. In fact, it appears that the screen is having some burn-in issues, poor viewing angles and the color isn't as vivid as users are used to. In fact, the screen is so "dull" that some people are calling it a disaster. The fact is that the display is a POLED unit that is quite new and that is probably contributing to the poor quality. Google's response is that the screen is designed to produce realistic color - not overly saturated and vivid color that we are more used to.

This dodgy display isn't the only issue that has plagued Google's new flagship line-up. The smaller Pixel 2 went on sale in the UK yesterday, but as we noted here at INQ, Google appears to be suffering the same stock issues that plagued last year's Pixel launch.

Source: TheInquirer