What if iPhone 8 is Better than iPhone X?

There are some that are waiting for the iPhone X, but the guys over at TheVerge have made a few good points regarding the underwhelming iPhone 8. It could quite possibly be better than the iPhone X - and the iPhone 7 is outselling the iPhone 8. This is not good for Apple at all. While some of the article is purely personal preference, the author does make some valid points. Take a look and see where your next paycheck should be spent.

I expect Face ID to work very well on the X... But that doesn’t mean I particularly want to use Face ID. There could be some technical issues to iron out at launch, and even if there aren’t, it’s just another thing to figure out and get used to without any immediate advantages. (I’m not sure Animoji counts.) Apple itself fell foul of this when it announced Face ID, as Craig Federighi couldn’t log into his demo unit on stage after the authentication had been reset.

Source: TheVerge