SNES Classic at Toys R Us on Friday

If you still haven't gotten an SNES Classic, you may be lucky enough to snag one at Toys R Us on Friday. They are receiving some more units and will have them available. If you really want one, it may be worth getting up early and lining up as scalpers are demanding (and getting) stupid high prices on eBay. I wouldn't mind one, but not for $250 or more. Stay tuned as more units keep trickling into different retail locations.

There are no bundles or other nonsense to deal with at Toys R Us, but Friday also marks the release of Super Mario Odyssey for Nintendo Switch, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see other retailers join in with a shipment of SNES Classic units to go along with it. Toys R Us is selling a Switch bundle with the new Mario game included, but that’s separate from the Classic. (The company warns that this too will be in short supply.)

Source: TheVerge