Amazon vs Roku

Amazon recently updated their FireTV to support 4K content as did Roku with their hardware bits. If you want to know which $70 streaming device is right for you, make sure you check out the linke below. They have both the new FireTV and the Roku Streaming Stick+ on their test bench to compare. If you're thinking about picking up an updated device, this is a great read as it could save you some headaches and disappointment.

The Roku Stick+, on the other hand, looks like an oversized version of its cheaper Stick. It juts out further from your TV but still manages to feel impressively compact. Partially, because Roku separated the wireless antenna from its body. That now connects to the Stick+ via a mini-USB port (we don't see many of those anymore these days). It's a unique design, but it makes sense: By pushing the antenna away from the back of your TV, Roku is able to avoid wireless interference.

Source: Engadget