Nissin Noise Cancelling Ramen Fork

If you love Ramen as much as my family, you probably will have one of these pre-ordered. Noise cancelling has taken a practical role and Nissin has put the technology (sort of ) in a fork. In truth, the fork connects to your Smartphone and when it detects the horrid slurping of noodles, it plays sounds on your smartphone to cover up the sound. I think we should just stop buying Ramen - at least in my house. Either way, I think this is a contender for "Useless Gadget of the Year".

This impasse has gone on for a long time, but with the Olympics approaching and foreign tourists arriving in record numbers, noodle harassment threatens to undo the entire spirit of the games. Something needs to be done, and luckily, we have the technology to do…something: Behold Otohiko!


Source: RocketNews