Entry-Level Kindle Will Play Audible Books

The cheapest Kindle from Amazon will be getting support for Audible in the coming months. Back when my Kindle Keyboard was the go-to eReader, it had support of Audible. It's coming back with their entry-level device - even though it doesn't have a headphone jack. Audiobooks will be played over a Bluetooth connection. This is a nice perk for those that only paid $80 for the device.

You can't use ordinary wired headphones to listen to Morgan Freeman narrate poetry, though -- you'll have to use Bluetooth-connected speakers or headphones. In addition, Amazon didn't give a more specific release date other than saying that it's coming in the next few months. If you're up for a vacation and would like a Kindle with Audible support, you can get Amazon's new Kindle Oasis.

Source: Engadget