GameStop Launches Rental Service

GameStop just turned themselves into BlockBuster with their game rental service. If you have a GameStop close by - and don't want to use other services like EA Access - their latest announcement may be worth checking out. They have just launched PowerPass. You get unlimited game rentals for $60 for a 6-month go and you can swap games anytime you want at no additional cost. If you're into single-player games - or are easily discouraged from competing online, this makes a lot of sense.

PowerPass may be a good thing for the company, but that's the message between the lines: GameStop is looking for new ways to monetize its assuredly massive overstock of secondhand games. A program like this — which, at this point, has the feel of a public beta test — could help to shrink that stock while creating a new subscription-based source of income.

Source: Mashable