Apple vs. Qualcomm: Round 7

I've lost track of what round we are on in the Apple vs. Qualcomm lawsuit saga, but things just got even more interesting this week.

Here's what we know:

- Many Apple devices use Qualcomm processors, as do most other mobile devices.

- Apple doesn't like how much Qualcomm can charge, sues them because they think they're owed $1 billion in overpayments.

- Qualcomm says Apple is infringing on some of their patents, asks the Federal Trade Commission to ban iPhone imports.

- Apple starts working on iPhones and iPads reportedly with Intel, is looking to cut out Qualcomm completely in future devices.

- Qualcomm alleges Apple has shared their source code with Intel as they work to stop using Qualcomm processors.

The financial details on the new "you shared our source code with our biggest competitor Intel" lawsuit from Qualcomm aren't disclosed yet, however, it'll be big. If they can prove it, Apple could end up writing a big cheque.

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