iPhone X Review

Apple's latest iPhone is all over the review benches of the interweb and the general consensus is that it's different - different enough that it's not a normal or natural experience. I'm not sure if that's a good thing. The reviewer says that some of the new ways to do things are alright, but it does take some relearning. The fact is, change for the sake of change is not always good at all, but some of these changes may indeed have some merit. Take a look at the review below for more details.

The makeover here is drastic, though, and it'll take some time to really get used to Face ID and life without a home button. Stick with it and you'll find that the iPhone X is a surprisingly easy device to live with. Of course, since this is a first-gen device, it has its flaws. Not everyone will love the notch, the interface could use a little more polish, and a bigger battery would've been nice. Suffice to say, the iPhone definitely isn't right for everyone right now -- still, it provides a strong foundation for the iPhones of tomorrow to build on.

Source: Engadget