Google Play Will Start Selling Audiobooks

I'm a huge fan of Audiobooks. I've been a subscriber to Audible for years now (get yourself a free book right here), but now that Google Play is getting support for Audiobooks, they might have a bit more competition on their hands. I'm also a fan of competition and Audiobooks aren't cheap. Right now the support is only showing up in version 8.4 of the Play Store as the guys over at AndroidPolice tear apart the APK to see what's new. It's promising and I'm looking forware to more options.

Actually, audiobooks probably won't be treated as a different category, rather another buying option to exist side-by-side with e-books. If you're looking at an ebook that has an audiobook counterpart, a label will point out that the other format is available with a button to switch to that option, and vice versa. Most audiobooks will obviously have a price tag on them, but there will be some freebies, as well.

Source: AndroidPolice