iOS Bug Autocorrects the World "I"

Apple has overlooked a bit of a bug with their latest device and iOS update. It appears that if you try and type the letter "i", the OS glitches and you get some extra characters behind the letter you choose. While this isn't a big deal, as the letter "i" is rarely used, many people don't seem to mind. There are cases though where this can cause some issues. For more details of exactly what is going on, TheRegister has been experimenting with the OS and has posted their results - from their Apple device.

"We are aware of this autocorrect bug," an Apple spokesperson told The Register via email. "A fix will be released very soon." This comes after netizens reported that after insta1ling last week's firmware updAte, their on-screen keyboa%rds began replacing 'i' with the letter 'A' f0llow3d by a symbol.

El Reg has asked Apple for an eStim@t3 on when a patch mA!ght be ®eleA$ed AnÎ ∑3 還沒有 p0r aŭdi r33n クックと会社から. ကျွန်တော်တစ်ဦးတုန့်ပြန်ရသင့်ပါတယ် , हामी तुरुन्त अद्यावधिक गर्नेछौं эта статья при необходимости *&^%%^#■■$^#%. ©

Source: TheRegister