Google Pixel Buds Start Shipping

Google has started shipping out their Pixel Buds that they announced back in October. These are similar to the Apple Airpods - in that they are wireless earphones. That's about where the similarities stop. Google has added some great features. The best of these is real-time language translation. You can listen to someone speaking another language and the earbuds translate on the fly and you can then understand what they are saying. That's amazing!

The Pixel Buds mark Google’s first attempt to dabble in the wireless earbuds category. The earphones are designed to perform language translation through Google Translate in real time. Users will also be able to listen to their favorite soundtracks for up to five hours on a single charge, with an option to extend the listening time for up to a whole day, courtesy of a charging case that comes with the earphones.

Source: Neowin