Microsoft Getting into the Holiday Spirit

Microsoft is getting their holiday on and has already announced some pretty decent deals on Xbox One S consoles and games for Black Friday. For a mere $189, you'll be able to snag a 500GB unit and there are plenty of discounts on games as well. It's a good time to have a little extra money in your wallet. On their other electronics, they have good deals as well with the Surface Pro being the most discounted. If you are looking for a new PC, make sure to check out the Microsoft store as it's going to a be a hot season.

To kick off the promotions, Microsoft will offer a special discount on its Surface Pro that will take $329 off the retail price of the Intel i5 with 256GB model or $229 off the Intel i5 with 128GB variant. Both of these will come bundled with a Black Type Cover that should make it an excellent option when it comes to productivity.

Source: Neowin (2)