GameStop Shuts Down Unlimited Used Game Rental Program

A few weeks back, GameStop announced their unlimited game rental program called "PowerPass". This service cost $60 for 6-months and allowed you to use GameStop as a library for gaming. You can check out one game at a time - an unlimited number of times. It was a great solution for those that live close to a GameStop. They soft-launched the service recently and have just told their employees to pull the signs, kill the program and put everything in a back room for now. They may fire it up again in the future, but for now they have paused the service. This is not a good sign.

“For those guests who have already purchased the service, we will allow them to bring the pass, and video game they have checked-out, back to receive a full refund,” said the spokesperson. “In addition, we will allow them to pick out any Pre-Owned game for free.”

Source: Kotaku