Surface Laptop - Surprisingly, Not Horrible

Microsoft has tried to expand their "Surface" line with another product - the Surface Laptop. This is designed at taking some market away from Chromebooks as it is quite affordable, simple to operate, but has limited ability to install full applications that are available to mainstream laptops. The biggest reason for the application limitation is that the Surface Laptop runs a slightly tweaked (and crippled) Windows 10 S. It can be upgraded to full Windows 10. It's currently on the review bench and they find that it's actually pretty solid. Take a look below to see how it all holds up.

I'm also not a big fan of having only one Type-A port. I like to use a USB mouse, so whenever I have to use anything else, I have to disconnect it. A second USB port is always helpful, in my opinion. There's the option to use a dock with Microsoft's Surface Connect port, but aside from the fact that I don't want to have to carry one around, you have far less choices in docks since it doesn't use the standard USB Type-C.

Source: Neowin