MoviePass Drops Yearly Subscription to $6.95 a Month

MoviePass is an interesting service that trys to get people back into the theatre. The subscription used to be pretty pricey, but not at $6.95 a month for a year, it's a very good deal. In the USA, you'll be able to subscribe and use this service to attend as many movies as you want per month, for one low price. While many people won't take advantage of it, I'm sure many others will use and abuse the service. At that price, I sure would! 

In August, AMC Theaters, the largest movie chain in the US, threatened MoviePass with a lawsuit and claimed that the company’s business model was unsustainable. MoviePass pays theaters the full price for each ticket, except at a few theaters where it gets a discount, Wired reports. The average cost of a movie ticket in North America is $8.84, according to The Hollywood Reporter, which means if subscribers on the new plan attend just one screening per month, MoviePass will already be losing money.

Source: TheVerge