Jeff is Now Worth More than $100 Billion

Jeff had a pretty good day on Friday. Mr. Bezos has been doing quite well running Amazon over the past few years and with the large amount of Black Friday shopping, his net worth slipped over the $100,000,000,000 mark. For a guy that still buys his velcro-touting shoes at Payless, that's pretty impressive. There have been some fantastic hits and some major misses by Jeff Bezos over the years, but clearly he's figured out how to win more than lose.

But at that stratospheric level of wealth, the kind of money that’s basically impossible to comprehend short of talking about national governmental budgets, you can’t avoid a simple question: how much will he give away and how? Bezos himself is clearly looking for an answer. This past June he asked Twitter for ideas on how to be a better philanthropist. His goal was to tackle problems “at the intersection of urgent need and lasting impact.”

Source: TheVerge