Bitcoin Breaks $9.000

I don't think anyone can really explain why Bitcoin keeps climbing, and perhaps there are many people mining that really don't want to know why - they just want to make money. While there is talk that Bitcoin funds terrorism, I suspect that is tainted information from regulators that are pissed they can't tax it. Either way, with over a $1,000 rally in less than 10 days, it's climbed to over $9,000USD and has no signs of slowing - yet. 

The result comes in spite of warnings from analysts, including Ulrich Stephan, chief strategist at Deutsche Bank who said, “I would simply not recommend this to the everyday investor.” With the conversion rate of bitcoin increasing at its clip, one could be forgiven for thinking that there will be an imminent crash in the value of the cryptocurrency, particularly as it has appreciated in value by $1,000 every one to two weeks since breaking the $5,000 mark.

Source: Neowin