Jony Ive is Back at Apple

For those of you wondering why products from Apple have really sucked over the last few years - it is probably because Jony Ive was away. I'm not sure how many of us realized that Jony was out, but that really does explain the iPhone 7, 8 and X. Granted, he wasn't the only one designing products, but back when it was Steve and Jony at the design controls, things were way better than they are now. I expect the iPhone 12 or so to be back on track. Just kidding. Apple has been behind Samsung for a few years now and that's not likely to change in a couple years.

Jony Ive, Apple’s chief design officer, is returning to his management role within Apple’s design group after handing off managerial duties in 2015. 9to5Mac noted that Ive’s design deputies Dye and Howarth were no longer listed on Apple’s leadership page earlier today, and news of Ive’s return broke from Bloomberg.

Source: 9to5Mac