Bitcoin Trading is Official - Price Surges

It appears that Bitcoin is now on the Chicago Board Options Exchange and has seen prices climb on it's first day of trading. I'm still not sure why it's actually worth anything at all, but here it is - a virtual and digital currency that is currently sitting at just under $16,800 USD. It's a marvel and one that may continue to climb - or could crash suddenly making people very poor. Actually, most of these people don't actually have any money from Bitcoin, so they would be just the same as they are now. Very odd stuff though.

Coindesk writes: "In all, the tumultuous start is perhaps a fitting start to the trading of the new contracts. CBOE's is the first to be traded on a major regulated exchange in the U.S., and it's set to be followed next week by CME Group, which has announced that it will launch its own products on Dec. 18."

Source: NPR