Eve V Review Crowdsourced Laptop

The Eve V is a crowdsource computer that is actually pretty solid. The goal of this project was to cut out the middleman, a full design team and in turn, produce a very capable machine for as little money as possible. The specification requirements are more were left up to a community of over 1,000 people and the result is the Eve V. It has great build quality, a nice keyboard, lots of ports and is priced well below the Microsoft Surface. The downside is the pen isn't perfect, Bluetooth keyboard is a little weak and the sound is anemic.

To really get a feel for what the Eve V has to offer, we need to look at the available configurations. The most basic model costs $799 and pairs an Intel Core m3 chipset with a 128GB SSD and 8GB of RAM. Microsoft's entry-level Surface Pro costs just as much and also has a Core m3 CPU, but only ships with 4GB of RAM. To further sweeten the deal, every Eve V comes with an active pen and keyboard cover. In the case of the Surface Pro, extras like these add an extra $260 to the bottom line.

Source: Engadget