Apple slows down old iPhones

No one can be too surprised that iPhone slow down over time, however, it appears that we now know why, old batteries. In a round about way, it has been figured out that Apple has been secretly slowing down your iPhone because as the batteries become older, running them at full throttle causes issues and less battery life (and who knows, maybe makes you buy a new one!). In the end though, people aren't super happy, nor should they be. TechCrunch has more details.

The gist, as it always is, is that Apple is being super petty and trying to force customers to upgrade their phones by making their old phones run slower.

As always, the answer is no. It would be beyond stupid and incredibly short-sighted for Apple to do this and, if it was actually true, would likely lead to tangles of a governmental and legal nature that no company like Apple would ever want to happen.

Instead, Apple is focusing attention on smoothing out the very high and quick peaks of power draw that can cause problems with older batteries.