Most common passwords of 2017

I try to post articles like this at least once a year to remind people that if your password sucks, your chances of being "hacked" are much more likely.

Obviously my public education campaign has done nothing to change anything as the top passwords are the same as in 2016, however, now that some require 8 digit passwords, instead of 123456, people have moved to 12345678. Good job, haha.

MentalFloss has the full list.

When a website forces you to use numbers, symbols, and a certain amount of characters in your password, it can be frustrating, but those strength requirements are there for a reason. Without them, many users will enter a password that’s easy to remember and, by extension, is easy for hackers to guess. There are several ways to keep your online identity secure, but before you do anything else, make sure you’re not using any passwords from the list below.