Apple gets sued for slowing down older iPhones

Well that didn't take very long! After Apple admitted this week that they had slowed down older iPhones due to issues associated with older batteries as iPhones get older, we've already got a lawsuit against Apple. Basically the plaintiff is claiming that if they would have known that replacing the battery would have fixed the issue, they would have replaced the battery, however, Apple failed to mention that and just slowed down the phones anyways. I've got a funny feeling this ends with Apple paying out a bunch of money. MacRumors has the story.

According to the lawsuit, Bogdanovich and Speas have owned the iPhone 7 and several older iPhone models and have noticed that their "older iPhone models slows (sic) down when new models come out." The two say they did not consent to have Apple slow down their devices, nor were they able to "choose whether they preferred to have their iPhones slower than normal." 

They're seeking both California and Nationwide class action certification, which would cover all persons residing in the United States who have owned iPhone models older than the iPhone 8.