Blackberry KEYone Black Edition 64GB Evaluation - Camera and Video Thoughts

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Camera Testing:

The camera on the KEYone is very nice as it has a nice Sony IMX378 sensor and can handle HDR like a champ. The camera is also capable of full manual settings as well for those of you that don't like "auto" settings. Full control of focus, shutter speed, ISO, white balance and exposure are available. Both front and rear cameras on the KEYone have digital zoom only, but the digital zoom works pretty well on the rear unit without massive distortion. Overall, the image quality is decent, but they are not as vivid as the camera on the Samsung Galaxy S8.

The samples below have been shot with the Blackberry camera app and haven't been retouched in any way at all. They have been pulled of the camera and backed up to my Google account for you to enjoy. Click on the images below to view them on Google Plus with the ability to zoom in.



KEYone Sample KEYone Sample

KEYone Sample

KEYone Sample

KEYone Sample - Digital Zoom
Digital Zoom



As far as video goes, the KEYone is more than capable as it offers 4K video recording, 1080p at up to 60fps and slow-motion video at 720p at 120fps. While that's not crazy slow, the effect is workable. It's been frigid here at BCCHQ South during testing, so all you get is some snow activity.



On the next page, we'll touch briefly on a few other tidbits and then post up our conclusion.