Horrible Gadgets of 2017

There has been some real progress and some clear winners in the gadget world in 2017, but there have also been some stinkers. Engadget was pretty general a few days ago with their "best of", but they get down and dirty when it comes to bad gadgets. Juicero, Atari and Ramen are on the list - and they well should be. I also (not really at all) took a meeting at CES to check out the "innovative" speaker hat from Atari. Thank. Goodness.

Every once in a while, there's a product that just makes you go "Why?" And Atari's new line of Speakerhats is definitely that. As its name suggests, the Speakerhat is essentially a baseball cap with a Bluetooth speaker embedded right in the brim. Atari is apparently marketing this at fitness enthusiasts who don't mind blasting their musical tastes to the world as they run laps. There's also a microphone, giving you the option of having loud conversations in the middle of the park and looking crazier than you would if you were wearing a pair of headphones.

Source: Engadget