Samsung and LG Don't Slow Older Phones

Apple has had a lot of damage to control recently with their crappy batteries and the fact that they admitted to purposely slowing down older phones to make you buy new phones. Apple claimed that "everyone" is doing it, but Samsung and LG claim that they are not. After coming out and saying that they don't slow down their older hardware, they'd better be telling the truth. This continues to be even more bad news for Apple.

Samsung and LG’s responses come a day after The Verge reported statements from HTC and Motorola, with both companies saying they did not throttle their phones’ performance as batteries age. Taken together, the statements make it clear that Apple’s battery management practices aren’t standard industry behavior. Whether that’s because other phones don’t need this kind of performance adjustment or that’s because other companies didn’t think to do this is something we can’t say, but the broad frustration and confusion over the issue suggests Apple went too far.

Source: TheVerge