Blockbusters and Blunders in Tech from 2017

Apple had more than a few blunders in 2017 - with the latest of these being Batterygate, but they had a bit of a solid device with the Apple Watch 3. Google botched several major things with their Pixel line, but also had a bit of a winner or two as well. Alexa came into it's own this year and Facebook sucked like a fish when it comes to their VR. Overall, there are some big wins and some big losses as well.

It had to grapple with claims of poor Surface reliability and questionable design decisions, such as underpowered chargers. The Xbox One X's high price didn't do it any favors and gave the PS4 Pro another advantage. Windows 10 S was meant to offer an alternative to Chromebooks with similar security and more flexibility, but the dearth of hardware didn't exactly put Google on notice.

Source: Engadget