Intel + AMD

During a week of not so good Intel news, there were some new information leaked about an upcoming Intel CPU that features AMD graphics. Even typing that combo seems weird, but it's true and will be dubbed the Intel Core i7-8809G and will have AMD Radeon Vega graphics packed inside. It will be very interesting to see the general publics reception to this partnership and might just be the beginning of CPU/GPU projects the companies collaborate on. The details are still a bit vague, however, we should be seeing an official release in the next month or so. Until then, PCWorld breaks down what we know so far.

Intel India kicked off the new year by (accidentally?) posting finer details about the hotly anticipated Intel CPU with AMD Radeon graphics launching later this quarter, officially dubbed the Intel Core i7-8809G. Those details seemingly confirm one rumor about the processor—and dispel another.

Most notable: The chip will use AMD’s high-end Radeon Vega graphics cores, rather than the Polaris GPU found in mainstream graphics cards such as the Radeon RX 580. That’s no surprise considering the processor’s use of HBM2 memory like the Vega GPUs, but rampant internet rumors suggested the Intel chip would instead pack Polaris cores. Don’t believe everything you read on the internet, people.