Linner is Budget Noise Cancellation without Sacrificing Quality


Linner not a new company in the grand scheme of things, but they are new to us and they have brought some interesting products to CES this year. Their goal is to make Active Noise Cancellation available for everyone. They have a few wired products already on the market, the Linner NC21 Pro with a 3.5mm plug, a model with a Lightning connector for Apple as well as their first product the Linner NC21. On the wireless side, they recently launched the Linner NC50 Bluetooth noise canceling earbuds. What is really remarkable is that they cost much less than you'd think - and they still sound great. I had a chance to try out a few different models, as well as the latest on-ear headset - the Linner NC80. These will be priced at $89USD and should be available in Q1-Q2 of this year. They also have a pair of over-the-ear NC90s coming as well for a mere $99.

What makes these incredible is the quality of the product. Build quality, sound clarity and cancellation are much better than you'd expect at this price and are very similar (or better) than your favorite big-box brand. If they can get some brand recognition, Linner could have a very bright future.