Circuit City to Relaunch on February 15

Circuit City was once one of the major players in the USA when it came to electronics. They disappeared a couple of years back but are coming back in the form of a website, then following up with brick and mortar stores as well. There are very few purely electronics stores in the USA and Canada anymore, with the loss of Tiger Direct and Radio Shack. I'm not sure if Circuit City can bring it back, but it looks like they are going to try. With more and more companies selling through Amazon, it's going to be a tough sell, but I hope they can pull it off.

Shmoel described a curated product assortment that will include A/V, computers, gaming, imaging, small appliances and smart-home products by top-tier vendors like Samsung, Panasonic and Canon, as well as tier-two and tier-three brands. The new Circuit City owns some of its own inventory, which it is amassing in distribution centers around the country, and will also work with drop-ship partners, he said.

Source: Twice