Bitcoin On the Way Down

It's no surprise to us here at BCCHardware that Bitcoin is now on it's way down. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure it will be up again in the near future, but several open scams have been discovered showing Bitcoin price fixing as well as insecurity of the mighty Bitcoin dollar is starting to worry investors and potential investors. The result is that it has lost 48% of it's high-value and could be dropping even more. Other digital currencies are also following in it's steps, showcasing the volatile insecurity of something that doesn't exist.

The exact cause of these fluctuations is, of course, anyone's guess, though recent rumours of a cryptocurrency ban in South Korea may have contributed to apprehension in the market. The East Asian country has now clarified that such a ban will not go into place in the near future, while similar rumblings are now being heard with regard to its neighbour, and the largest contributor to bitcoin mining in the world, China.

Source: Neowin