Google Took Down 700,000 Apps in 2017

In a perfect world, people create good applications that aren't malicious or harmful. In Apple's world, a LOT of vetting and scrutiny happen to applications before they are approved for the App Store - with many being rejected - not because they are bad - but because they are better than Apple's own Apps. In Google's world, Apps are more readily approved to the Play Store, and AI is used to pull bad Apps later. There is still a bit of a vetting process, but updates and other situations allow bad apps to get through. For instance, Google has pulled 700,000 bad apps in 2017 alone. That's both good and horrible at the same time. It's good that they are policing this somewhat, but super bad that almost three quarters of a million apps were available in the store and then later pulled because they were flawed.

Google has a tough job keeping its Play Store free from bad apps and malicious creators. From keeping those apps from ever making it onto the service, to removing them if they actually do make it through, the company has its hands full. But such is the life of a tech company servicing billions of Android users, and Google continues to refine its process.

Source: Neowin