Mushkin SWAP 32GB USB 3.1 Type-C Flash Drive - Testing and Final Thoughts

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Mushkin SWAP 32GB USB 3.1 Type-C Flash Drive
Testing and Final Thoughts


While some of test results look a little odd, I confirmed with our Mushkin rep that these were accurate results. As the 32GB version is a single-chip solution, write speeds aren’t quite what I was expecting and the 4K writes are quite poor. We’ll comment more on that in a few minutes.
For testing, we ran a few benchmarks and will compare the SWAP to other USB 3.x drives as they become available this year. As such, it is by far the fastest OTG drive we’ve tested to date. As more samples cross our bench, we’ll compare them. Still, the number below don’t lie. Please compare them to your current USB drives on your system for a basic apples-to-oranges comparison.



According to the chart above (which only tested read speeds), we are above the 180MB/s read speed rating on the 32GB drive, so they’ve got that going for them.



In this chart you can see the poor write speed as the file sizes get smaller. On the high end or write speeds, we aren’t breaking any records however as the drive tops out at 22.7MB/s. Although that is slow by today’s standards, it’s faster than the rated speed – and for a single-chip OTG drive, it’s solid.



This is the benchmark that I ran first and prompted a call to my Mushkin rep. The read speeds are sweet for such a small drive, but the 4K writes are very weak. Again, this is quite normal for this format of drive.

SiSoft Sandra


We wrap up the benchmarks with SiSoft Sandra. It gives an overall drive “rating” of 145.14MB/s. I’m not sure exactly how that is factored as the read speed tops out at a snappy 210.27MB/s and the sequential write speed is solid at 16.24MB/s.


Final Thoughts:

In a perfect world there is a small OTG drive with lots of capacity and incredible read and write speeds. We don’t live in a perfect world yet, and in order to make this drive small and affordable, you have to give up some things. The only thing you’re giving up is write performance. Read performance is fantastic and the OTG function works perfect on the LG V30 (review upcoming) and my Samsung Galaxy S8.
There is not one perfect USB Flash drive for every situation, but there are several different drives that can help you achieve everything you need to do in a single day. If you’re looking for one drive that can write at break-neck speeds, this drive is not it. If you’re looking for a drive that can be used everyday to move data to and from your phone and be used to play movies on your mobile device; this is it.

It does everything well and does exactly what Mushkin says it will do - at faster speeds than they claim. For that reason, it must be a win.


If you have any questions, comments of general feedback, please post it here.

I'd like to thank Mushkin for sending over this unit for us to review.