Snapdragon 850 is Qualcomms's PC Chip

Qualcomm has been doing a lot of awesome things over the past few years in terms of chip designs. They have built most of the smartphone processors as well as a ton of IoT chips, VR Headsets and a bunch of wearable processors as well. They really have a solid product line with their Snapdragon processors and they are in virtually all flagship devices. They've just stepped up their game again and released the Snapdragon 850 - a chip that is designed entirely for Windows PCs that support ARM. The beauty of this chip is that it is clocked in a 2.96GHz and the chip includes a camera processor that captures 4K and HDR. In addition to those nifty tidbits, it also includes Qualcomms X20 LTE modem that enables 1.2Gbps transfer speeds, and up to 25 hours of battery life on a thin-and-light PC. Zing!

So how is a made-for-PC chipset different from one for a phone? Not much, really. Since the Snapdragon 850 is meant to be used in devices bigger than a smartphone (like laptops and convertibles), it can run at higher clock speeds without overheating. The extra space in larger chasses allows for better dissipation. Thanks to the faster 2.96GHz clock speed (among other tweaks), the Snapdragon 850 is about 30 percent faster than the 835.

Source: Engadget