Sennheiser MOMENTUM Wireless (M3)

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Sennheiser MOMENTUM Wireless (M3)
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Testing The Momentum 3

It's been a long while since I’ve taken up keyboard and mouse and posted a review, but when Sennheiser offered me a chance to look at their Momentum 3, I had to dust off the keyboard, wipe the screen clean and give it my best college try. I've tested both the original Momentum, Momentum on-ear and the Momentum 2 headphones, so I was very interested to see where they went and how they could improve upon the previous versions.

According to the product brief, these are better due to the Bluetooth 5 capabilities as well as some great active noise cancellation. In addition to hardware upgrades, they feature some nice party tricks including auto-pause (when removed from your head), auto shut-off (when folded) and more. While those are nice upgrades, if they come at the cost of product quality, clarity or comfort, they may not be upgrades at all.

Sennheiser Momentum 3

With the advertised MSRP of these headphones at $529.95 CDN or $399.95 USD, they certainly aren't cheap, and they run a bit more expensive than the likes of the Bose QuietComfort 35 II smart headphones and Sony WH-1000XM3 wireless noise cancelling headphones. Are they worth the money? We'll find out!


First Look:

The Sennheiser Momentum M3 come in a posh packages and include a charge cable, manual, other paperwork and a 1/8" cable for plugging in directly when the battery lets you down from listening too much.

Case of Momentum


Often folding headphones scare me in terms of durability, but I've used Sennheiser products enough to know that they over-engineer their high-end products to ensure they offer years of reliable service. The hinges on the headband feel very solid, and the cable running through the headband is very well insulated to prevent wear and the wire from failing.

In The Case


The ear cups are closed circumaural and feel like memory foam covered with soft leather. Whether or not you have something against leather or not, the feel of these is absolutely fantastic. They feel as luxurious as I hope they sound.

First Look


These are more than just headphones, they double as a killer hands-free headset for your favorite mobile device. As such, they include a microphone located at the front of the left side earcup. I didn't snap specific image of this microphone array, but it's more than just a simple little pin-hole. You can see the little grill located in the image below-left.

Left with Microphone Array Right Side


The controls are very intuitive, but they do seem a bit crowded when reaching blindly to adjust volume. As you can see below, the play/pause button has a bump on it to make it easier to identify, when pressing with my fat thumb, there are times when I turn up the volume instead of manually pausing the music. There is no specific on/off button for the headphones themselves. When folded, you can hear a lovely voice telling your they are powered off and inversely when you unfold them, the voice tells you they are powered on. I'm not sure how I feel about this as there are times when I take them off, but don't fold them - and they stay on - draining the battery.

The switch that does exist turns ANC off, turns it on, and the transparent hearing position mutes your music and used the microphone to pick up external audio and plays it through the drivers in the headphones making it much easier to hear conversations around you without having to first remove the headphones. That's a handy feature for sure.

Controls (Sticker can be removed - left on for clarification)
Controls (Sticker can be removed - left on for clarification)


You can answer, hang up and reject calls with the central "play" button as well. Pairing is done with the bottom pairing button and is relatively basic - which is basically good. Another party trick that you may have noticed identified on the sticker on the control side is for Tile location. That's right, the Momentum 3 have Tile built-in so you can locate them - if they are charged up. It works very well and once you have added them to your Tile account, you can ring them if you can't find where you left them.