Fenix TK22 1600 Lumen Tactical Flashlight & 21700 Battery

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Fenix TK22 1600 Lumen Tactical Flashlight & 21700 Battery
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After the recent look at the Fenix LD30 Flashlight, Fenix contacted me and asked if I wanted to follow-up with their TK22 V2.0. This is also a 1600 lumen light, but it features a larger (21700 5000mAh) battery and a tighter beam that can reach out to an impressive 405 meters. It features a removable tail-cap that can work with remote pressure switches and it offers a bit better performance thanks to its increased size. Keep on reading and see how this compares to the LD30 we looked at previously.


Product: Fenix TK22 Flashlight & Fenix 21700 Li-Ion Battery
Provided By: Fenix
Price: Buy Direct from Fenix here and here

First Look:

The Fenix TK22 is a 1600 lumen, 21700 flashlight that can also be powered from a 18650 battery using the included adapter. The TK22 has a IP68 waterproof rating, comes with two switches for power and mode functions. It is a fair bit larger than the LD30, as this unit comes in measuring 5.91 inches long and has a larger body diameter due to the larger 21700 battery. It has a much larger head as well. This houses the much larger parabolic reflector which gives it a tighter beam focus and consequently much greater range. It is rated at 405 meters with the LD30 rated at 205 meters. It is a bit larger but packs a lot more punch.



The TK22 comes with the main flashlight, ALF-18 Battery holder that allows you to use any 18650 battery, a holster, lanyard, spare clickly-switch cover, spare o-ring, user manual and warranty card. The review sample came with the very large 5000mAh ARB-L21-5000 battery from Fenix as well. This massive battery has no built-in charging port, but it makes up for that with as much capacity as many new laptops. 


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