Silicon Power P34A60 1TB NVMe SSD

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Silicon Power P34A60 1TB NVMe SSD
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Today we are taking a quick look at the Silicon Power P34A60 1TB PCIe Gen 3 x4 1TB NVMe SSD. That’s a lot of numbers and model spec to say that this is Silicon Powers mid-range 1TB NVMe offering. As the model suggests, it’s a four-lane solution that offers solid performance at a great price point. Silicon Power asked if I’d like to look at this particular model, and as I was running out of space on my existing 512GB Patriot Scorch, I figured this was a perfect opportunity.

Silicon Power has diversified their portfolio quite a bit over the past few years, but one of their core products was computer NVRAM. They’ve migrated to SSD storage and offer mSATA, SATA III and NVMe solutions currently. While they often aren’t the first name you think of when it comes to SSD upgrades here in North America, they have a growing presence and offer a wide range of solutions for really great prices. The value is more than just the cost per GB however. The P34A60 1TB drive comes with an impressive 5-year warranty.

SP P34A60

Product: Silicon Power P34A60 1TB M.2 PCIe Gen3x4 SSD
Provided By: Silicon Power
Price: ~$173CAD / ~$120 at time of Publication


First Look:

The 1TB Silicon Power P34A60 comes in a nice retail package that shows off the 5-year warranty and the front of the drive. Inside you get - the NVMe drive. There is nothing else needed of course, but it’s almost depressing. Maybe I was hoping for a congratulatory information packet showing how much money I saved by buying this product over the competition. I guess we live in an era where we all want a little something extra.



What Silicon Power does give, is that 5-year warranty. That’s a couple of extra years over some of the competition and four years more than most. It’s excellent, but let’s be honest, the best warranty is the one we never need.

The front and rear of the SSD are unremarkable as all of the memory, controllers and magic happens on the front side - under the sticker. The back is plain and clear and I didn’t want to risk buggering up this drive before I tested, so the sticker stayed on.




There’s really nothing much more to see, so we’ll head on over to the next page and cover the features and specifications before we jump into some quick and simple comparison testing.