Silicon Power Blast Plug BP82 True Wireless Earbuds

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Silicon Power Blast Plug BP82 True Wireless Earbuds
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We follow up our review of the Silicon Power NVMe SSD with another product showing the diversification companies have done to stay current, and we are looking at a pretty small set of true wireless earbuds. These are not their first kick at the can and the Blast Plug BP82 is their sixth audio product and the second of their full wireless earbuds.

The market is crowded with brand name, and a lot of no-name earbuds of this style, so what does Silicon Power offer to set them apart from the $40 - $50 priced earbuds? We’ll going to find out, so stick around!


Product: Silicon Power Blast Plug BP82
Provided By: Silicon Power
Price: ~$38 USD at time of Publication



Silicon Power offers a wide array of products from memory sticks, flash memory, solid state storage, mechanical storage, power banks and audio solutions. They offer many consumer electronics and accessories that promise great value at an excellent price point. The BP82 is a pretty well-rounded set of wireless earbuds. They are the successor to the BP81. They’ve dropped the claimed IPX5 waterproof rating, in favor of a “water and sweat-resistant design”. They’ve also dropped the physical buttons for control and adopted a much slicker touch-sensitive pad on the outside of each earbud.



While I think the sweat-proof rating on the first generation would be nice to have as I’ve been eating up the miles getting in shape over the past few months, the sweat-resistant design seems to be holding up well and I’ve ran close to 100km (60 miles) with these jammed in my ear-holes with no issues. I’m getting ahead of myself though. Let’s take a quick look and see what is up with the BP82.


First Look:

The BP82 comes with a nice little bundle to get you up and running. In addition to the earbuds themselves, there is the charging case that allows you to quickly charge the earbuds to extend your time from the wall plug. The BP82 come with different sizes of eartips that should work for almost everyone. The medium tips were installed and I had to use the largest ones to get a good seal on my ears. If you don’t have a good seal / fit, the audio quality and microphone quality will be quite poor.




In addition to all that, there is a short micro USB cable to charge the case as well as a bit of a user manual. All in all, it’s enough to help you get things figured out, charged up and listening to your favorite music.

On the next page we’ll cover the features and specifications before we jump into testing and listening.