TCL 10 Pro - Mainstream Flagship Has Arrived

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TCL 10 Pro - Mainstream Flagship Has Arrived
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If you’re looking for a great new smartphone but don’t have $1400 - $2000 CAD to spend, there aren’t a lot of options. There are a lot of options if you are willing to sacrifice a bunch of features, you can keep the cost down and end up with something adequate. If you want features and quality, you must be willing to spend $1,000 plus outright...or do you?

Enter the TCL 10 Series – namely the 10 Pro. This is a mainstream device with a lot of great features, solid performance and a price that is easy to swallow. We are going to find out and see how it stacks up and if this $665 (outright at Telus), has enough of everything you need and want to satisfy your cravings and if it’s worth leaving the big brands for.

TCL 10 Pro

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Product: TCL 10 Pro (6GB RAM 128GB Storage)
Provided by: TCL Canada
Price: $665 CAD at time of publication 


It’s been quite a stretch since I got to play with a new phone I didn’t by and I was a bit concerned after reading the specifications regarding the TCL 10 Pro that I may be regretting my personal purchase that I made a few months back. While I do love my S20 Ultra, I was thinking that the TCL 10 Pro may be enough of a device to make me regret my decision. Golly, I sure hope not. Let’s start with a quick gander at the device.





The bundle that comes with the TCL 10 Pro here is lean. All you get is the charger, a cable and the device itself. It doesn’t come with a case or headphones – that's right, it has a headphone jack.

As we take a quick look around the device, we see that the bottom has a USB-C port, microphone hole, speaker and SIM card / SD card tray. On the top, there is a headphone jack, IR dimple and another microphone.

Bottom Top


Profile Profile


On the next page we’ll cover a quick look at the basic specifications and features before we carry on through our evaluation.