Alcatel 1B & 1X Hands On - Entry Level That Works - Hands On and Final Thoughts

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Alcatel 1B & 1X Hands On - Entry Level That Works
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Unboxing and Hands On:


Final Thoughts:

Both the Alcatel 1B and 1X are pretty interesting devices. While they certainly aren't flagship products, they also aren't priced anywhere close. For $75 and $125 USD respectively, they are super affordable and quite feature packed for the price. The camera on the 1B is pretty weak and the screen lacks vibrance. By itself it doesn't seem too bad, but when placed next to it's big brother, you can quickly and clearly see why it's under $100. Also, this was my first run at Android Go and it takes a bit to get used to. It is stripped of some features that I take for granted, but one can get used to it and realize that you can't have everything for so little. Running Android Go makes the phone quite snappy and it opened applications faster than the "faster" 1X.

The 1X is the pretty boy of the duo. It has a nicer screen, more realestate, full-version Android and a bettery camera. It feels like you're not limited to what you can do on this device. The downside is that it is noticeably slower than the 1B and still marginally slower than 3-year old flagship. My thinking is, if you could find a proper refurbished Galaxy S7 for the same money, you'd have a tough decision on your hands. 

They are two different mini-beasts though, so we'll cover them individually in a quick breakdown.

Alcatel 1B Pros:

  • Super affordable.
  • Android Go.
  • Good performance.
  • Expandable storage.
  • Easy replaceable battery thanks to the removeable back.
  • Dedicated Google Assistant button.
  • Headphone Jack.
  • Feels really "cheap".

Alcatel 1B Cons:

  • Android Go is feature limited.
  • Washed out screen.
  • Poor camera quality.
  • No liquid or dust rating.
  • MicroUSB charging.



Alcatel 1X Pros:

  • Very affordable.
  • Full Version Android.
  • Expandable storage.
  • Dedicatedd Google Assistant button.
  • Headphone Jack.
  • Beautiful finish on rear.
  • USB-C charging.

Alcatel 1X Cons:

  • Apps slow to launch.
  • Glossy plastic is prone to fingerprint and scratches.
  • Mediocre camera quality.
  • No liquid or dust rating.
  • Performs worse than it's $99 little brother.



If I was on a budget - a super limited budget, I'd pick the 1B - even though you're using Android Go, the performance of the 1B running this lean and mean OS makes it snappy. Of course, you're giving up on screen and image quality, but for under $100 it's a burner phone that still does everything that you need it to do. Messaging, calling, watching videos and more - all are very doable on the 1B. The 1X takes all that up a notch - execpt the performance. It's not a horrible slow device either, but it feels like it should be faster. It looks great - it should perform great.

On the next page we'll post some camera samples of both devices so you can see what to expect from these devices.