Sennheiser Shows New Hearing Enhancements

CES is now in full swing down in Las Vegas, NV and Sennheiser is showcasing a few new bits of technology. While they are most famous for high-end headphones and earbuds, they continue to push and expand their technology into areas that enhance quality of life as well. I'm sure that many of us have a hard time hearing in super noisy environments - such as the CES showfloor. A product they've just announced is the Clear Conversation Plus - a smart earbud that does a lot more than just provide great audio playback. 

Conversation Clear Plus

From the Press Release:

Effortlessly clear conversations in noisy environments

Utilizing sophisticated Sonova chip technology, conversations and calls are enhanced thanks to the Sennheiser Automatic Scene Detection feature, which analyzes the noise level of a user's environment and matches the speech enhancement level to their surroundings.

Integrated into the compact and modern earbuds, Automatic Scene Detection ensures the clearest speech in challenging environments, be it in person or on the phone. In concert with Active Noise Cancellation, Conversation Clear Plus works dynamically to block distracting noises and improve the clarity of conversations for every level of background noise.

Conversation Clear Plus lets you choose how much background noise you want to hear. Active Noise Cancellation blocks out distractions, while the Ambient Awareness mode enables more connection with the outside environment when desired.


More details here.