Geneverse Brings Indoor-Safe Generators to Market

We don't often think of using a generator indoors as the first thought is a noisy gasoline or diesel powered unit. Geneverse is quite likely a name you've not heard before - but you should get to know them a bit better. They offer electric "generators" that can be charged via solar or plugged in and used in emergencies, construction, backyard projects, camping and more. They have two main models they are showcasing early this year and they include the HomePower ONE PRO (1210Wh capacity, 1200W continuous, 2400W surge) and the HomePower TWO PRO (4838Wh capacity, 4400W continuous, 8800W surge). 

HomePower TWO PRO


Each of these units come with 3 AC outlet for your 120v needs, 2 USB-C outputs with PD 100W, and 2 USB-A QC3.0. 

The battery can charge in a mere 1.5-2 hours when plugged in, and 2-4 hours via solar. Solar panels geared for the HomePower are available in bundle deals as well. 



Check out more from the press release here and then head on over to Geneverse for more options.