Blowhole switch

This switch is the same one as the plexi switch. It has the same noisy fan, but this customer wanted something a little more sleek than the plexi switch.

Ready up for the pics:

This is an 8 port 10/100 Foxnet switch prior to the dremel. It is just begging to be modded. . .

As you can see by the pic below, it doesn't take long to start the brutality.

This is the fan that he wants inside of his switch. It looks like it will be a tight fit between capacitors, behind led arrays, and over the little heatsink. (removed in this pic to put on thermal paste.)

Well, I have to start somewhere. Let's just hope that I cut the hole in the right spot.

I had to solder the fan into the power header. The onboard fan connector is 5v and the fan I am using is 12v. Oh crap! I think I forgot to tell him that this might void his warranty!! oops.

I got the heatsink back in place and the fan seems to be working okay. I guess the center point is the positive lead. Hmm, what do you know?

There! One last pic of his switch all fixed up. The 60mm fan does make some noise, but it sure is a lot quieter than that goofy little 20mm fan.

This mod was fun, interesting and different. As you can see, when it comes to modding, the limit is your imagination.