DC Case

This case I built for a buddy of mine in Vulcan, Alberta. He has a little computer shop called Dallmann Computers, and he wanted a super-cool LAN rig that he could show off to all his friends, and do a little advertising on the side.

This is his logo, and he wondered what I could do for him. I love a challenge.

First thing I did on this one was to strip all the paint, and pull it all apart. Next, to make the logo show up really good, I painted the inside of the case bright orange. Seriously bright orange.

D-man cut a hole in the back of his case for his burner and DVD. They will be mounted rear-facing and standing on edge. That is some orange paint.

Also in this case, I did the same 120v thing that I did in the XenaBox.  One fan we have mounted onto the side of the PSU and blowing onto the cpu. The other fan you will see is in the front of the case blowing out.

We did airflow in the case way different. The power supply sucks in air, and the front fan is the exhaust. Hey, it works.

Just another pic of some serious paint, and some shiny sides.

The logo side after ALOT of tracing, drawing and dremeling. Not too bad. In fact, D-man was awfully darn impressed. He reaffirmed to me that I was indeed "da' man!" heh. Just kidding.

This is the DC Case front action. I removed the translucent blue front, and built a smoked plexi front instead. It adds a touch of class, and in the dark you can still really see the light from 4 - 12volt clearance lights.

This case was a lot of fun. Very little remained the same. All fell to the mighty dremel.  One last pic of the DC case in action. I really like this mod. I wish my logo was DC so I could keep this case.