Samsung SCD103 Mini-DV Camcorder - LCD and Menu

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Samsung SCD103 Mini-DV Camcorder
Close Look at the Camera
LCD and Menu
Software, Testing and Conclusion

LCD & Menus:

The LCD on this camera is reasonable sized measuring in at 2.5".  Under bright conditions, such as outside on a sunny day, it is very difficult to see no matter how you hold it.  You can adjust the brightness manually, but it still appears dim. . . you may want to use the viewfinder.

Instead on going on for a few pages about all the features that are available, I thought I'd post up some pictures of the LCD menus.  That will explain as good as I could in 1,000 words what the camera is capable of.  Afterall, 5 pictures are worth 1,000 words right?


This camera has all the features, bells & whistles you'd expect to find in todays Mini-DV camera's.  It features Nite-Pix as well as a very cool "Wind Cut" feature that we'll touch on a little more later.  All in all, a very feature packed camcorder.

Now, on with the software and test results!