Samsung SCD103 Mini-DV Camcorder

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Samsung SCD103 Mini-DV Camcorder
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Product: Samsung SCD103 Mini-DV Camcorder
Provided By: Samsung Canada
Price: ~ $314USD on Pricewatch


Samsung has thrown me a curve as far as the "normal" hardware I get to review.  This time around I received the SCD103 Mini-DV Camcorder.  This model is located in their "Handy & Easy" category on their Mini-DV Camcorder page.  This being said, it should be pretty handy and easy to use.  We'll see.  I have had this camcorder for over a month, and compared it subjectively to my Sony Mini-DV camcorder.  Although you will not be seeing direct comparisons, I will use the Sony as reference.  To see if this is truely "Handy & Easy", I let my boss' wife use the camcorder around the farm for a few hours.  She is in her mid-70's, and yes, she figured it out - it's that easy to use.

Enough of the blather, let's take a look at some features and specs of this beauty.


Mini-DV Easy-Q EZ Navigator Optical 18x Zoom 1/6", 680K Pixel CCD 2.5" TFT Color LCD
Video Light Slow Shutter Nite Pix Digital Image Stabilizer Playback Zoom Photo Mode
Memory Stick Slot Built-in Digital Camera Multi-Display MPEG4 Movie Clip Multi Language Display Digital PCM Stereo Audio
  External Mic. IEEE 1394 in/out USB Streaming Web Camera  

For full specifications, please visit Samsungs site here, or get the eBrochure here.


The Samsung SCD103 comes with everything you may expect, but a little less than you'd hope for.  It ships with an analog audio/video cable, mini-usb to usb cable, power adapter and cord, neckstrap, Lithium Ion rechargeable battery, software cd and manuals.  What is missing in this package - and in most camcorder packages unfortunately, is the firewire cable.  With the included cable, you have to use compression to get your video on your computer.  You ruin the awesome quality of Mini-DV.  If you pick up this camera to capture movies to your computer to burn DVD's, make sure that you pick up a firewire cable before you come home.

On the next page, we'll take a closer look at the camera itself.