Dallmann's Full Tower

This case was my biggest undertaking. It required the most time, effort, care and expense. I am very happy with the result. Here's how it started:

I started from scratch. I stripped all the paint, all the extra tin, everything and started to work from the ground up. This is his full tower naked, not very pretty in my opinion. I'll try to change that.

Dallmann's dilemma was that his cpu was running way too hot. His inside case temp was peaked in the mid 30C, and his cpu was cooked in the 50's. This was due to his hardware: 1.4Ghz T-bird, 2-ATA100 20GB Raid 0, Asus V7700 GTS, blah, blah. They all were creating too much heat.

It was also quite important that this case remain fairly quiet. This is his main shop computer, so he wanted to be able to hear his customers. heh

This pic shows the fan arrangement on the front of his case. It required a little figuring to get the 80mm fans in place to cool his raid set. This was managed, however, with the all trusty dremel, and some rivets. (What do you mean there's no warranty on the case?) heh. These 80mm fans run constantly from the hot wire on the Baybus. We used oversized fans to cool the hard drives so that they can run slow and not make a lot of noise.

The bottom 120mm fan is a Panaflow Quiet 86cfm fan that we use for cool air intake, and is controlled by a switch on the Baybus. All front fans are fed cool air from a bottom opening on the case front, and will not be visible on the finished mod. Oohh, stealth mod.

 A 92mm side intake fan is also used to bring in cool air over the cpu and the gpu. This fan is also very quiet, and is barely audible when switch on. Also on the same circuit as the 92mm fan is Dallmanns case light. It is a 12" 12v fluorescent, and boy does that  make his case light up.

The hot air is exhausted through another 120mm fan on top of his case. It is the same model as the bottom intake, and is controlled independently by a switch on the Baybus.

This Baybus is also custom fitted into a cdrom case, and is 12v, 7v, ready. Simply plug in the to a molex connector, plug fans into the back, and your ready to go. Ease of use has got to be at least a 9.5 out of 10.

Here are some more pics of this case finished:

The paint used on this case was autobody paint and was the most expensive paint that I've used. Definitely the best, but the most expensive.