Plextor's Software-Based PX-AV100U - A Look at the PX-AV100U

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Plextor's Software-Based PX-AV100U
A Look at the PX-AV100U
Performance, Testing and More

The PX-AV100U:

The PX-AV100U is a well-constructed little unit as it features an aluminum case.  You can see by the scale of the S-Video and RCA jacks on the front of the unit that is is quite small.  It should be able to easily find a place on your desk.

The back of the unit is faily uneventful.  It has only two connections.  The standard USB/USB2.0 connector as well as an "AUX" jack.  This jack is required if you are using Windows 2000 to capture the audio.  Under Windows XP, the audio and video are ported through the USB cable, but under Windows 2000, only the video makes the trip down the USB.  Audio must be routed through the input of your soundcard.  I'm not sure how this would affect audio sync, as we were unable to test this under our Windows XP test setup.

Speaking of our test setups, here is what we used to test the PX-AV100U:

Test Rig #1: Test Rig #2:
AMD Athlon 2500+ Stock 1.83GHz Intel Pentium 4 2.6C Laptop
1GB PC3500 @ PC2700 (Synchronous) 512MB PC2700 SODIMM
Radeon 9800 Pro Radeon 9600 Mobility
Samsung 120GB 7200 RPM ATA100 HD 40GB Toshiba 5400rpm 2.5" Drive
2 - Western Digital 120GB SATA HD in RAID 0 Windows XP SP1 with all updates
Windows XP SP2 with all updates

To generate some sort of "check" or standard I was able to use my Sony HC20 DVi Handycam.  I caputred video using the PX-AV100U, and then captured the same video using the firewire interface to avoid any quality loss, and to show just how the ConvertX compares with direct AVI.  Head on over to the next page and see how things turned out.