fUnc sUrface 1030

Product: fUnc sUrface1030 Archetype
Provided By: fUnc Industries
Price: $29.99 Online


Back before Christmas I picked up a Logitech G5 Gaming Mouse and I wanted a new pad to go with it.  I had been using an Everglide Giganta Optical pad, but it is quite abrasive and I didn't want to wear out the new mouse feet on this pad.  I put a call in to fUnc Industries, and a couple of months later a package arrived with my name on it.  I had all but given up on the chance to take a look at one of these pads, but thankfully I hadn't bought one yet.  (There are advantages of being cheap!)  It is with great anticipation that I opened the package and beheld the new sUrface, and after using this pad for a few weeks I have come to like it quite a bit.  It is not perfect however, so read along as we take a look.

First Look:

The fUnc sUrface is packaged in a clear clamshell that is resealable.  The package is quite large and will stand out to computer enthusiasts as they browse the pad selection.  Most hardcore users will likely know what they are looking for before they go grab new gear, but the package does have curb appeal.  The front and back provide enough information to make the sale.  On the back of the package is a list of sites and publications that have given fUnc awards. 

fUnc Package - Front
 fUnc Package - Front

fUnc Package - Back
 fUnc Package - Back

fUnc - Shipping Damage
 fUnc - Shipping Damage

The picture above on the right shows the shipping damage that the "High Quality, Embossed Tin Carry Case" received.  The package was shipped from the USA to Canada in a bubble padded envelope and unfortunately my high quality tin received some damage.  I closely inspected the sUrface itself and thankfully there was no damage to the actual pad itself.

Product Specifications:

Double-Sided Surface Component

  • New large surface area (11.5" x 9.5") ensures that you never run out of mousing area at critical moments
  • The redesigned Archetype is more than 20% larger than the original sUrface1030 mousing solution
  • Reversible surface sheet has two unique textures to accommodate your preference, both designed to provide exceptionally precise tracking of your optical or laser mouse

Base Component: Available in Soft-Feel Hard Plastic or Machined Billet Aluminum

  • New attractive shape - allows for even more mousing area
  • Completely redesigned base:
              o The Soft-Feel hard-base component has a sleek, soft-feel coating that feels like suede
              o The Machined Billet Aluminum (MBA) base component will quickly turn your friends green with envy
  • New 'finger holes' in the base enable the surface sheet to be turned over quickly and easily - allowing you to switch between surface textures within a matter of seconds
  • Houses the surface component and is still less than 1/8" high for your comfort
  • Incorporates feet made from a revolutionary material that has unrivalled traction qualities to ensure the product stays in place, even during the most intense gaming sessions

Mouse Cord Clip Component

  •  Improved cord clip is constructed out of an upgraded, stronger material
  • Allows free and unhindered movement while mousing by keeping your mouse cord out of the way
  • Connects at one of two locations which accommodates both left and right-handed users

Closer Look:

After opening the clamshell you still have to get the pad out of the tin.  It comes tightly packaged which apparently protects it from damage.  Included in the tin is a product guide, a mousecord clip and a big laminated badge to stick on something.  It's not your standard case badge, but maybe would look funky (pardon the pun) on your skateboard.

fUnc - In Tin
 fUnc - In Tin

fUnc - Bundle
 fUnc - Bundle

fUnc - Alone
 fUnc - Alone

The rubber base is quite soft and holds the reversible pad securely.  On the bottom of the pad are six rubber feet around the outside as well as a large rubber retangular area in the center.  These prevent slippage and work very well.  Also on the bottom you may notice that there are a couple of holes to allow you to easily losen the thin sUrface from the base to change sides.

fUnc - Base Feet & Hole
 fUnc - Base Feet & Hole

fUnc - Choose Your Side
 fUnc - Choose Your Side


Now we get on to the subjective part of the review.  Most of the time I used a Logitech G5 Laser mouse, but I also used a Logitech MX1000 as well as a Logitech Dual Optical Mouse.  Other generic ball and optical mice were used as well.  I didn't bother to even try a Microsoft mouse.  Nothing can help those - not even a great sUrface.

There are two sides to this pad and for the most part I really like the smoother side.  It has almost a satin feel to it and every mouse I tried glides over it easily.  To get this kind of smooth action on an Everglide or Ratpadz you need to use furniture duster.  The fUnc 1030 is very slick right out of the package.  As far as gaming goes I really can't say that it helped.  I'm sure that the mouse tracks more acurate than I can aim but the low-profile of this pad made long periods of use less tiresome on my wrist than other pads.

The rougher side feels more like an Everglide and is more abrasive than I'd personally like.  However, if you are using a ball mouse you may need the extra traction provided by the rougher side.  In an odd and unusual turn of events I found that the G5 didn't track at all on this side.  It tracks great on the smooth side, but doesn't work on the rough side unless you're over the logo in the bottom right corner.  Other optical and laser mice worked fine, but not my G5.  I'm guessing that this is the fault of my mouse and not the pad, but I don't understand why it won't track.  Weird stuff.

This pad also includes a mouse cord clip which works very well.  Some people pay an extra $20 for a mouse cord holder, but the included clip works great to keep your cord loose and ready to roll.


The fUnc sUrface 1030 Archetype is marketed as a "Competition Mousing Surface" and for the most part I'd agree.  The pad offers two in one really.  You've got a great smooth side for optical mice that has a very nice finish.  The other side will provide more traction for ball mice, and should work for optical and laser mice as well.  The whole unit is nice and thin and the rubber feet provide enough grip to keep the pad from sliding around on your desk.  I doubt I'll ever use the rough side, but that's a personal preference.


  • Great sUrface for gaming.
  • Nice & thin prevents wrist fatigue.
  • Two sides/textures to choose from.
  • Included mouse cord clip.


  • G5 didn't track well on "rough" side.

Overall, I could easily recommend this pad to anyone.  If you're a gamer, you'll appreciate the slick action and exceptional quality as compared to the competition.  If you're a casual computer user this pad will be a treat and will provide a comforable experience and will outlast 15 - $2 cloth pads. Rating
Software Pack:
Total Score 9.2

I'd like to thank fUnc Industries for firing this product over for us to take a look at.  This unit has easily earned itself our  "Top Pick" award.

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